What is Game Changer?

Game Changer is a weekly event lasting 3hrs . It’s a place for Neurodivergent people , people with Learning Disabilities, Autism or just people (!) to come socialise, relax, chat, chill and most importantly play video Games!
Following two years of Covid 19 and Lockdowns we know many people feel isolated and alone.
We want to help change that. To bring people back together.
To share good times , to make new friends and meet old friends .
To have he chance to play the latest , greatest games on the latest greatest kit, or just play our favourite games we’ve grown up with.

Playing Video games just means sitting around, doesn’t it?
There are lots of games that don’t involve much physical activity it’s true, but at Game Changer we specialise in games that get you moving!!! Games like the amazing Nintendo “Ring Fit Adventure” as well as the ever popular “Pokémon Go!” We are all about moving and grooving!!!

We meet in two locations , The Hub charity at 22, Angel Place shopping centre Bridgwater TA6 3TQ and also the Glass Box in Taunton Library Paul street,TA1 3PF
We meet at 1pm-4pm on a Thursday in Bridgwater
We meet at 1-4pm on a Monday in Taunton
We won’t judge or talk down to you.
We are there to offer advice and help you if that’s what you want.
But most importantly we are there to help you have FUN!!!